Paper Unit Penguin

Introduction: Paper Unit Penguin

Welcome to my Paper Origami Unit Penguin Instructable. This came into my mind when I got my penguin alarm clock... I am obsessed with making things themed to penguins. Sot to start you first make Units. ( I found the way to make a Paper unit off of a Friend. a 6cm x 3cm square you need 101 black and about 47 white you then need 1 orange or modified... extras of each color

Step 1: Ringing the Units

This comes together and its very self explanatory in the 5th Picture you need to curve the Rings to make a Underside hemisphere or a bottom of a pill you keep adding the Units together on top of each other and forms the Boddy

Step 2: Adding the Head

You then Add more to the body to make the Head and then You Can decorate them then.

Step 3: Finished

YOU DID IT!!! Thank you for reading and or doing this Instructable and please vote for me in the PAPER CONTEST!!!

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