Introduction: Paper Vase

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Reuse your old magazines to make this paper vase that can be used as a lamp or plant pot, or some other creative idea. You can make different shapes and objects with this basic paper rolling steps.


  • Do not use as a candleholder or any other object that might cause a fire.
  • If used as a plant pot, be sure to have two pots so no water leakage occurs.

Step 1: Materials

For this Instructable you will need:

  • Magazines (with shiny papers)
  • Hot glue
  • Thin stick
  • Pen
  • Ruller

Step 2: The Rolls

This is the main step, rolling the paper.

  1. You start off by putting the stick at the edge of the paper and then start rolling as you press the paper down on the stick. This will make the rolls tight and prevent them from falling apart.
  2. When you get close to the opposite edge of the paper, put some glue on the sides and continue rolling until you get one paper roll.
  3. If you wish to make longer rolls, just put some glue at the tip of one of the rolls and then penetrate it through the next till you no longer can push on the rolls.

Step 3: Hot Gluing

To hot glue your rolls, just add glue to one side of the roll and press the second roll. Hold for few seconds.

Step 4: Cutting

For this step it's best to follow the pictures.

  1. Start with marking a straight line to cut off the uneven edges of your glued rolls.
  2. Then make a diagonal line. Here you want to measure so the longest roll of part B will be a continuation of the shortest one on part A (picture 4)!
  3. Then glue the two parts together forming one big triangle.

Step 5: The Bottom

  1. Flatten the rolls using the ruller.
  2. Use a cylindrical object and tie the flattened papers around it just like in the 3rd picture.
  3. Use hot glue every 2-3cm to secure the papers in place.
  4. Cut off any excess paper.

Step 6: Bottom and Top!

For the last step, you will have to glue together the top and the bottom.

  1. Put glue on the top of the vase (the rolls)
  2. Slowly turn the around till you have a full circle
  3. Use another flat paper to line the edges of your top part. This part might be difficult and a tip is to roll the paper around your finger a few times to make it easier to follow the shape of the vase.

Here the top might start falling apart and that is ok! Just glue the parts on all sides instead as you go.

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