Introduction: Paper WALL-E With Leds

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This Wall-E is made by paper with led diodes

Step 1: What You Need

Here is pictures for paper wall-e and link,and you may printed like photographic images,I have made two images with size 20x15cm
The photographic paper is the best and cheap,easy is to made the wall e
Also you need glue,blue leds,red and green leds,resistors for leds are from 470 ohms to 1k ohm

depends on how many want to light emitting diodes

Here is link to download the paper pictures
3D Paper WALL"E

Step 2: All the Parts

First cut all the parts,There are a lot of parts to cut and fold. The piece numbers are printed on it, Use some kind of straight edge to help fold straight lines.
Make sure to allow time for the glue to dry, try to assemble the model "dry". Only then, when you fully understand the model start gluing it all parts
Before you start glue the parts,with silicon or gluegun put the leds and resistor on marked spots like on the picture

Step 3: Finish Wall-E

After we glue all the parts,for suplay for leds you can use batery or adapter.
I upload more pictures for you to see it my Paper Wall-E

Step 4: Conect the Leds

How to conect the leds is shown on picture

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