Introduction: Paper Airsoft Silencer/ Plus Better Accuracy!

An airsoft silencer that also adds acuracy if you put it on the gun right.

It really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

These are the tools you will need.
The marker is optinal it can be any color.
The grey knex rod is only needed at the beginning.

Step 2: First Things First. the Barrel

Take the grey knex piece andwrap it up in the paper. use it to make the barrel. MAKE IT AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN. The tighter you get it the more accurate it is.
make it tighter than it looks in the picture.

Step 3: Next Putting It Into the Gun.

Sorry about the bad pictures.
take the end that sticks out the most and put into the barrel of the gun. Make sure the airsoft bb can fall throngh the barrel.

Step 4: Almost Done

Your almost done.
now add tape aroune the silencer and the end of the gun.
Then you can color it if you want. you can color it black, grey , red ,pink , orange, yellow, purple, violet.ect...........


Just line un the sights on the gun and the end of the silencer and make sure its on tight. IT might wobble but not alot.

If you ever make it better or upgrade it just tell me.