Introduction: Paper and Wax Fire Starter

This Instructable is for everyone who enjoys camping, cooking, or just sitting around the fire. I will be making a simple fire starter that uses paper, wax and other things (like twine) that are easy to come by and are flammable.


Paper (I had some paper that got water on it and didn't work for writing)


Wax (like from a candle)

Scotch tape (Temporary)

Step 1: Paper & Wax

The first step is to start melting the wax. It takes time to melt, so I lit the candle before starting anything else to save time. After that, you need a stack of 4-8 sheets of paper. Cut them in half. Take one half, fold it in half hot-dog style, and roll it up into a roll with about a 1.5 inch diameter. Secure with tape (will be taken off later) or twine (can stay on). I used tape. Then take the other half of the paper, cut it in half, and roll it up as tightly as you can, tying it with twine to hold it in place. Then wrap more twine around it, ensuring there will be plenty to get the fire going.

Step 2: The Pouring of the Wax

When the previous steps are done, and the wax is melted, pour the liquid wax onto the skinnier roll of paper and twine. I suggest using something like a lid to stop the wax from securing itself to your table. After the wax has cooled, put the roll into the bigger roll and pour more wax into it. After that, remove the tape, and either take it to the fire pit or throw it in your bag for camping!

Step 3: Fire...

I won't teach you how to build a fire, that's for another time, but I suggest building the fire slightly above the starter so it has enough air flow and room to light your wood.

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