Paper Circuit Board (P!.C.B)

Introduction: Paper Circuit Board (P!.C.B)

Many small circuits like

MIC preamp , guitar preamp ,

FET booster , rain detector etc has few parts

We can use a hard paper tomake them

Here we see how to do that .....

Step 1: Draw in MsPaint

Make a small sketch of the layout in mspaint

Step 2: Draw on Paper and Glue Parts

Draw the parts on paper .

Cut leads short

glue with superglue

Note : dont put glue on pins /legs

After the glue dries

Scratch the pins with blade to remove oxides

Step 3: Ready an Enamelled 38SWG/28SWG

The wire will join all the connections

trick is not to cut the wire in small pieces

A)scratch one end .. join to the part/pin on paper PCB

B)select the length , dont cut ,scratch enamel off ,join ....finally cut

C)Tricky soldering if there is 3three or more lines to join

here just glue the wire and then solder

See the completed circuit is so small like 1cm square

Step 4: Conclusion: Place a Casing

Once the circuit works

Glue all the wires

Place the cute PCB(paper circuit board)

in a case to make it strong

Or ,

you can glue it to the case no insulator needed

Eg bench power supply
guitar effect units

Although soldering is tricky it saves lot of time .

Mine is a capacitor tester in a 2cm X3cm Tictac

Only half of the can it took i can have 3 more circuits there :)

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    8 years ago

    the original x-overs in my stereo at home have cardboard for the material... looking back, having a thick pcb would be preferred with hot glue covering the joints. especially if you have lots of low end that might cause vibrations


    Reply 8 years ago

    i suppose lot many ways are there to make things rugged, the paper heavily glued to a had object is one easy way :) .
    yes you can coat with hot glue or industrial sealant to make water proof