Introduction: Paper Craft Using Silhouette Portrait

I made a laminated cover for a set of reference cards using the Silhouette Portrait, a laminator, and basic craft supplies. I chose three colors of card stock to layer and then cut them so that different colors showed through in the design. Even better, a slight offset in the cuts created a nice effect.

Step 1: Resources

1. Silhouette Portrait with your own design in Silhouette Studio for the top card

2. Three pieces of card stock in coordinating colors

3. White glue

4. Stickles glitter glue or glitter pen

5. Laminator (optional)

Step 2: Prepare Silhouette Portrait Files

I created the font layout for my top card in Silhouette Studio.

To get the layered effect that I wanted, I then saved the original design with a different file name and deleted the word in the middle row. This new file was used to cut the second card so that, when stacked, the top and bottom row of words would have the color of the bottom card and the middle row word would show with the color of the second card.

Step 3: Prepare Card Stock for Cutting

I printed my python image on the top card before I cut.

Step 4: Cut the Top Card

I tested different blade setting for my card stock before I cut my first top card, finally choosing setting 5 for these particular cards. I placed the top card in the upper left corner of the mat, aligned the mat in the Silhouette, and clicked the Load button. After the mat was loaded, I cut the top card.

Step 5: Save the Bits!

I peeled the cut card from the mat and remembered to save the important bits - the inside of the p's and a's in particular! I needed these later when reassembling the three cards.

Step 6: Cut the Second Card

I cut the second (middle) card. I didn't line up the mat in exactly the same spot when loading it into the Silhouette Portrait and it led to a great result.

Step 7: Glue and Decorate the Three Stacked Cards

I stacked the three cards to achieve the desired result and, knowing that I'd hold them together better with lamination, lightly glued the pieces in place. In one set, I had a light blue top card, a teal middle card, and a lime green back card, but I also made other combinations.

Then I traced my printed python with yellow Stickles glitter glue and waited for it to dry.

Step 8: Laminate

I laminated my final product since it will be handled by children over time. The three cards were almost too thick to laminate perfectly, but I was happy with the result.