Introduction: Paper Craft

 This project is super simple and it requires little to no craftiness. Great for kids who can handle scissors or fun arranging pre cut papers. This gives pop of color to the plain wall or a great addition to the gallery wall and all it takes a few mins to do. This can also be used to recycle the scrap papers from some other projects

Step 1: Collect

Colorful papers, co-ordinate them with the decor or go crazy

scissors or cutters anything handy

Picture frame

Step 2: Sandwich Them

Cut the color papers as required, simple triangle and rectangles are used here. Experiment the shapes and have fun. Once done start layering them on the glass part of the frame, go on until its covered but not so thick that it will be difficult to put the back on of the frame.

There are lots of possibility with the idea, just by cutting the color papers in different shape you will get a whole new design. Hope you enjoyed.

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