Paper Cup LED Lamp

Introduction: Paper Cup LED Lamp

Pretty easy project for a custom, homemade paper cup LED lamp.

LEDs don't put out much heat or use much power to operate so this is cost effective and safe (just make sure to always follow proper electrical assemblage procedures)

*Requires minor soldering and basic electrical knowledge.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Ok, so you need some supplies:

1.) For Paper Lamp:

- 4 paper cups
- Tissue paper (optional)


- Scissors
- Ruler
- Hot glue gun
- Exact o Knife

2.) For Lamp Lighting:


- 5  LEDs
- Solder
- Wire
- Electrical tape
- 3 volt power adapter (Radioshack or something around the house, but make sure it is not above 3 volt otherwise it will burn out LEDs)


- Soldering iron
- Wire cutter

Step 2: Prepare Paper Cups

- Unfold cups and separate bottoms as shown in picture.

Step 3: Shape Paper Cup Pieces

- Roll up one unfolded paper cup and glue with hot glue gun.

- Cut out designs with exacto knife on two unfolded paper cups for lamp shade

- Glue three bottom paper cup pieces (as shown in pic) with hot glue gun.

Step 4: Make Lamp Shade

- Glue one side of the paper cups together first so you can lay the whole shade flat to make tissue   paper cut-out (As shown in picture).

- Trace lamp shade on tissue paper and cut out.

- Glue the cut out tissue paper on inside of lamp shade.

- Finally, glue other side to complete lamp shade.

* Tissue paper optional, up to you

Step 5: Wire LEDS

- Gather the 5 LEDs and twist the positive leads together, be sure to get this correct because LEDs will only work one way

- Use some solder to help bond the leads together and affix a length of wire that is about one foot in length

- Tape the positive and led leads with electrical tape so they won't touch and short out.

Step 6: Assemblage

- Run the wires through the base and affix the positive lead to the positive of either a 3 volt power supply or a battery pack that supplies 3 volts, a higher voltage will quickly burn out the LEDs

- Glue base together and lamp shade holders (spike looking things on base in pic)

- Affix the lamp shade over the LEDs and base...

Step 7: Enjoy Your Creation + Theres More..

*If you want some backyard or camping mood lighting, just replace the plug-in adapter with a switch battery power supply. The artistic and power options are, of course, open for personal preference.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    i like it. is there anyway i can make a couch out of recycled materials? anyone know? sorry, im new, and that isnt related at all really, but i wanna know :D


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    zip ties and milk crates or pizza boxes and glue


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    would it be stable if i use pizza boxes or (if i use milk crates) will it be comfy?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is super COOLL

    i also have that same box cutter and love it LOL