Introduction: Paper Cup Charcoal Starter

This is a way to get rid of your used paper cups as well as dryer lint to start a charcoal fire for the grill.  This can be especially useful for places like camping when you don't want to bring too much gear or when you want to lighten up your gear.

Step 1: Materials

two paper cups, one smaller and shorter than the other.
dryer lint
leaves or newspaper
charcoal briquettes
a lighter

Step 2: Checking Your Cups

Check your cups and make sure the smaller one can fit inside the larger one.  The bottom of the smaller cup, though, should end before the bottom of the larger one.  This will provide room for the tinder that will sit inside the larger cup.

Make some holes in the larger one below where the small one ends.  The holes are needed to provide air for the fire.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Tinder

Take the small cup out.  Put your dryer lint into the bottom of your bigger cup.  Then add some leaves and stick on top.  The lint catches fire quickly, but burns out fast.  The leaves and sticks will help keep the fire going.

Step 4: Adding the Charcoal

Put your charcoal in the smaller cup.  Then put the smaller cup inside the larger cup.

Step 5: Start the Fire!

Put the whole thing on your grill or in your fire ring.

Then, light up the lint through one of holes in the larger cup.  The fire will go from the lint to the leaves and sticks then the charcoal.

After a while, the structure might collapse.  But, as long as one or two of the coals are burning, the fire is lit. Just move the other coals near the lit ones, making sure there is still enough air circulation to feed the fire.

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