Introduction: Paper IMac 4.8"

The fact that you can read this Instructable proves that you are the owner of an internet-capable device already, and don’t need an iMac, in case you don’t already have one.
But they look so pretty...

Here’s the deal: You can make this one for under a dollar. Or Euro. Or Lira, whatever.
But it lacks of a few functions that one might evaluate as essential, such as internet connection, USB-ports, or in general... working.
Also, with 4.8", the display is a tad smaller than the original one.

Step 1: You Need

  • Paper: You could just use normal printing paper. But paper with about 160 g / m2 looks more professional. The great thing is, that the unevenness of the paper gives it the texture of brushed aluminum (So don’t think that my template is sloppy because it looks too slick).
  • Glue, scissors,.. And other optional crafting stuff, like tweezers, pins, mini scissors, cutter.
  • A printer
  • Cardboard (recommended)
  • Transparent Tape (recommended)

Step 2: Optional: Your Customization

The iMac you just downloaded shows a default desktop screen. If you feel extraordinary tonight, you may want to change that into your own customized screen, desktop, Facebook page, or whatever. You could also make it white and map your actual desktop with a miny beamer on it. That would be really fancy.

There are 2 alternatives to do that, but in each case you need a screenshot of your computer screen. For Windows, that would be PrtSc or Print Screen, and then paste it with Ctrl V in any photo editing software, even Paint can do that.
For Mac, it is cmd Shift 3, then you find it on the desktop.
If you have a program that allows you to lay your screenshot on the PDF and replace the desktop, like InDesign, I would do that on the computer. Otherwise, you can print out your screenshot separately, with about 30% size, that depends on your screen size and proportions. Then you can glue it over or behind the desktop screen (Cutting out the desktop screen and placing your screen behind it would be the physically more correct one).

Step 3: The Screen

Before you cut everything out, scratch the lines with a cutter and a ruler. Apple’s design consists of strict edges and we don’t want to ignore that.

If you have some thin but solid cardboard, you can cut out 2 rectangles in the sizes of a smaller keyboard and a smaller screen, like on the picture. This will make the planes planer.

The instruction tells you to put tape on the blue areas. This results in a realistic shine of the screen and the magic mouse.

Now you can begin with the crafting work, cut out the screen, glue the cardboard behind the front to stabilize it, and glue the back on it. Nobody is perfect, so there might not be 100 % accuracy of fit. Just correct that with small scissors.

Step 4: The Stand

Bend the middle part of the stand around a pen to give it the right shape before you glue it. The side parts are too thin to give it enough strength, even though they are already twice as thick as they should be.
Glue the 3 parts of the stand together and fix it on the back of the screen. It will be a bit deeper than the monitor, so let it dry on the edge of a table first.
Then you can cheat a bit to stabilize it, with tape or cardboard or a mixture of both.

Step 5: The Keyboard

Roll the upper area of the keyboard up and fix it. You need to furl it really tiny, so start with a fold in the white area and roll it around that fold. Then fold and glue the edges of the keyboard to the cylindrical sides.

Now you can attach the piece of cardboard to the bottom to give it some weight and stabilize the plane. Apple sends you a letter if they see that their surfaces aren’t precisely even.

Step 6: The Magic Mouse

Fold and bend the mouse like in the first picture. In case you taped the white surface, it should easily stay in shape.
Glue the bridge flap first to stabilize the shape, and let it dry.
Then just fold the white part over it and glue it on the bridge and the bottom flap.

And that’s it! Here’s your brand new Apple iMac Mini.
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