Introduction: Paper Orange Peel

Sometimes you are walking outside and you just wish you could see a few more sculptures. This is a downloadable PDF to make your own paper orange peel to leave around town! Remember, it isn't littering if it is Art!

more info:

Step 1: Download the Pdf!

This project is simple.

  1. download pdf
  2. cut out the orange rind peel, you can make any cut you would like, to fold over and glue, making a slight curve to your peel. Each orange peel can be different!
  3. cut out the inner white rind. This should be a mirror image of your orange rind. It should be curved in the reverse of the orange rind, so that you can glue the inside to the outside! (honestly, you don't have to do the inside unless you are feeling fancy)
  4. cut out the fruit label attach
  5. put out into the world!

Step 2: Share With Friends!

Leave orange peel by the bathroom at your girlfriends house!

leave orange peel on the pillow of your boyfriends room!

drop a peel on your neighbors car!

Snap a pic an share with me on Instagram!

Username: Iminyeh