Introduction: Paper Spinner Toy(cool)

In this instructable i will show you how to make a stupid/fun little toy i learned about in the 6th grade. Show you're friends they'll either love it or hate it. Don't criticize me because it
s my first instructable.

Step 1: Getting Started

Materials needed: hands and a piece of paper(whichever kind you want) Take the sheet of paper and fold it "hamburger style" in half. Break the paper by either licking the crease or cutting it with scissors.

Step 2: 1/2 Way Done(wow)

take both halves of the paper and fold them in half to where they're skinny. Now take the pieces and fold the corners where 1 is up and 1 is down.(fold them the same way)Put them on top of each other so they look like a t without the little curl.

Step 3: Fold Er Up Boys

This is the tougher part. Take a corner of the bottom part and fold it on top. Continue doing that and tuck the last flap under. It should look like a square. fold it at the crosses, and have fun.