Introduction: Paper Towel Holder (wall-mounted)

I spent a whole half-day looking for a paper towel holder. Now, that's sad!  Even sadder, I couldn't find anything (except for a $45 item, which, at that price,  I wouldn't even consider). Of course I'm aware of other instructables. Bungee cord holders? Great, but I wanted something more... elegant. Here's my solution (Note that it's constructed for just one particular length - but if you're happy with the brand/ length ...)

Step 1: Required Materials

You'll need (from left to right) :
1. Two 'cup'  screws
2. Two (or three) 'eye' screws
3. Two 'S' hooks
(and, at bottom)
4. A length of 'expanding' or 'net' curtain wire

Step 2: Measure the Wire

Measure the expandable wire, by alignment with it to the roll. Cut, and screw one 'eye' screw into one end, and the other 'eye' screw into the other end. Now hook the 'S' hooks into the 'eyes', straighten out and take a measurement. This measurement is the distance you need for the distance between the 'cup' screws. Take a note of this.

Step 3: Screw in 'cup' Screws

The measurement you took in step 2 can now be transferred to the wall. Drill & then screw in the cup screws. Note that the open ends are facing outwards.

Step 4: Put It Together

Now you can hang the 'S' hook, 'eye' hook, expandable wire, 'eye' hook, and 'S' hook construction off one of the 'cup' hooks. Feed this through the core of the paper roll and connect the construction to the other cup hook. Hooray! You've done it. Stand back and admire your new wall mounted paper towel holder.  ...but wait, there's more.

If you prefer a loose mounting, stay with the above configuration. However, if you want a taunt, wall-frictioned holder you need to decrease the length of the expandable wire. I would suggest that about 25% should do it; ie, my original length was 250 mm, so I cut it down to 190 mm. Hey presto. Now that's tight!