Introduction: PaperBag Magazine Rack

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Take one of those recyclable paper bags from the market and reduce your clutter by reusing it.

Step 1:

We start with an ordinary paper bag from the grocery. This one happens to have handles, which will have to be removed to ease the process. If you bag has no handles then skip ahead to step 3

Step 2:

I find that slowly peeling from the bottom to the top reduces the ripping.

Step 3:

let the folding commence. But first you may find it easier to mark where your folds will be. Usually there is a place pre-folded near the base, so mark that one and then mark half way between that and the top where there opening is.

Step 4:

Fold at the top mark first. It may be helpful to fold one way and then fold back on the same fold in the opposite direction.

Step 5:

Proceed to fold the lower mark in the same fashion.

Step 6:

Now unfold and open it up because we are going to implode the bag by folding it into itself along the folds we just made. Start at the top mark and fold into the bag.

Step 7:

TaDa! The bag just got shorter. Not done yet...

Step 8:

Repeat folding inwards on the lower mark now. It may be trickier this time since we reinforced it.

Step 9:

Hey, now it's tall enough for magazines! Unless you have years worth of subscriptions, however, they are likely to slide, bend and fold like a wet noodle. Onwards to further reinforce and make compartments to separate and add some standing stability.

Step 10:

close it and fold it up as if to flatten it out (the same way in reverse when they take it from a stake of paper bags at the market) but don't gold it up all the way.

Step 11:

Instead of folding the base flat against the side of the bag as usual, fold the base down and in half, like so.

Step 12:

That's it! add your comic books or whatever.

Step 13:

An extra tip for those of you skilled in the fine art of origami, here is an alternate fold for the base. I find it is actually more stable but modified it for simplicities sake in this instructable.