Introduction: PaperOrganizer

Classroom Organization Challenge
From WeTeachThemSTEM to NitroZand3r on 21.8.2019, 21:18:26

Hello! Thanks for entering your PaperOrganizer project into the Classroom Organization Challenge. At the moment, your project doesn't mention anything about being useful for classroom organization or good for teachers to use to organize their materials or that this would be a good classroom project for students to make to organize things at their desks. Please feel free to add that info to your intro and then resubmit the project to the contest/challenge. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jess

What you need are 3 pieces of colored paper with a 11cmx11cm length.

If you have no matching papers than just cut them out of a bigger one.



Step 1: Folding

Fold all of the 3 papers like in the pictures until all 3 are looking the same.

Step 2: Stick Them Together

Now you only have to stick them together as shown in the pictures until you have a box.

No glue needed.

Step 3: Finished Part 1

Now put your stuff in and he is organized!

Step 4: PaperPencilStand

Just follow the pictures to get an easy build Pencil stand.