Introduction: Paperclip Grappling Hook

This is a grappling hook design I invented a few years ago. When I broke my collar bone I used it to pick up all kinds of things off the floor. It relies upon an interlocking weave that holds the paperclips together, so no tape required. It is surprisingly strong and can be made in just a couple minutes.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You need 2 paperclips, string and pliers. A variety of pliers can be useful. For string I recommend puling one of the fibers out of paracord because the core fibers are extremely strong and thin - perfect for this project. You can use any paperclip or any bendable metal for that matter.

Step 2: Prepare the Paper Clips

Straighten the two paperclips. Then find the middle and bend them creating a tall, narrow U shape. The more evenly the two haves line up, the cleaner the finished project will be. (Or just use wire cutters to even things our later).

Step 3: Form the Ys

Next take the first paperclip, holding it flat, bend it out ward into a Y. The location of this Y bend determines the proportions of your grappling hook. I find just short of halfway works best. With the second paperclip hold it flat and bend it up and down into a Y which will not lie flat. This means that when you hold the bases together, they will create the plus shape you are aiming for. When you place them together make sure the second paperclip is on the inside and the first paperclip goes around it, while making sure the very bottom remains parallel. Hold them in this position.

Step 4: Assemble the Weave

This is the most important part; interlocking the prongs. To do this, take one prong and bend it over the prong next to it then take that prong and bend it over the next one. And again with the third. The last prong is tricky because you have to weave it through the opening the first prong makes. I recommend bending it in the middle and then push or pull it through. When you are done fighting with the last prong, it will probably be bent, so straighten it.

Step 5: Form the Hooks

This is the polishing stage. To tighten the weave bend the prongs up while pulling and tightening. Then while leaving a little bit close to the weave bent up to hold the weave tight. Bend the rest of the free ends down to form the hooks. If they are uneven trim them if you want and you are done with the head.

Step 6: Tie String and Have Fun

To make it functional tie on some string you will want about 8 feet. And there you go your grappling hook is now functional.

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