Introduction: Phone Mount

 Please check to see if having a phone on display is legal in your state/country before attempting this task. Do not use while driving, use Bluetooth voice control or even better, stop and pull over.

So I was sick of my iPhone being in the storage pocket under the head unit. I looked and found a good article about using a bulldog clip ( I couldn't get it to work so I brainstormed a few ideas and came up with this:

What you need:

Paper clip
Hard plastic phone case
Rivet and rivet gun
Centre Punch
Gaff or duct tape(preferable same colour as phone case)

The legs or arms of the clip slot into the gap between the console and the dash. The rivet holds the case to the clip securely and the case can be rotated 360 degrees. The holder is removable, won't damage the car or the phone and can be used as a desk stand..

Step 1: Check Measure

Check a bulldog clip fits into the said slot, I attached the case using an elastic band to see if it would fit.

1. Find a drill bit that has the same diameter as the head of the pop-rivet(the thickest bit)

2. Measure case and determine centre, SLOWLY drill a hole and clean off dust and filings, drill to fast may crack the case..

3. Place the clip in a vice.

4. Using a centre punch, make a small indent in the centre of the clip (doesn't need to be exact centre).

5. SLOWLY drill through the clip.

6. Place the rivet head through both holes and the tail in the gun, pump the gun until the rivet has attached both surfaces and the tail breaks off.

7. File the rivet till flat and put a piece of tape over the rivet so it wont scratch the phone.

Step 2: Finished

Place the arms of the rivet in the gap between the console and the dash, may need to wiggle to get it in the gap, 

Attach phone and cables.