Introduction: Papercraft Squid Game Frontman Mask for Halloween

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Hello instructables! :-)

After being hooked on the Netflix series Squid Games, i just had to make a template of the Frontman mask. I loooove how mysterious, creepy and dark he looks so i wanted to try to reproduce that :-).

Important note: The template i made is certainly not for beginners or young kids because its quite complex. The mouth area is the difficult part so if you try this part and see if it works out as you wanted, you are safe to carry on completing the mask.


here is what you need:

200grams paper / photo paper. ( i used A4 ( europe) but US Letter will probably be fine if you don't scale it) printer obviously matt black spraypaint basic papercraft tools: scissor, craft knife, paper glue ( not the white milky stuff) tool to score paper, ruler rubber bands cardboard sheet to reinforce the mask optional: use a basic paper mask to glue this mask on ( will be more comfortable to wear )

Step 1: Watch the Video for Full Process

Step 2: Cut Out Paper Parts

Important: don't bother making a model of regular printer paper ( 60grm paper) It will turn out weak and ugly because of all the dents and wrinkles that will appear. 200 grms paper or photo quality paper will do the trick.

Start with cutting out the mouth parts and skip the rest for now. The lips are the most difficult to assemble so if you dont feel successful with assembling the mouth, you didn't waste more time on cutting out all the rest :-). I use the scissors combined with the craft knife for difficult places.

PS. If you plan to wear the mask for an evening or day, you could best be making a hole in the bottom of the nose for better breathing. Since its a full mask, it's quite hard to breath without modifications. Also glueing a regular half faced mask into the Frontman mask will improve the wearing comfort.

Step 3: Scoring the Folding Lines

important step is scoring the paper. This way you can make clean folds in both directions. Use a scoring tool, empty ballpoint pen, a paperclip, back of a butterknife or anything else that has a blunt side to trace all the folding lines.

Step 4: Glue Every Part 1 by 1

use a glue that does not take ages to dry but give you a little bit of time to manouvre the tab into the correct position. The numbers are not located in a specific order, just where to go with the tabs.Start with the mouth and chin. Follow up with the cheeks and nose, than forehead and finish with the sides of the face.

Step 5: Add Cardboard to Make the Mask Stronger

Larger faces of the mask can be best supported with pieces of cardboard. It will make the mask much stronger and will prevent deformation during painting and wearing. i used 1,5mm cardboard sheet but thicker will do the same trick.

Step 6: Insert Mesh Eyes

find some workable mesh material at your house or home depot to close off the eyes. cut it into shape and glue in position.

Step 7: Time for Paint Station

when the mask is made sturdy with cardboard parts, you are ready to paint it. I used a matt black spraycan. Only add super thin layers of paint to make sure the mask will not wrinkle or deform.

Step 8: Add Rubber Band to Keep It on Your Head

Use a couple of rubber bands to form a cord that will hold your mask on your head. Keep the rubber band cord in position with the help of cardboard strips.

Step 9: Ready!

Ready to creep! :-) Lets start the game

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