Introduction: Papercraft IPhone 4S

This is a tragic, yet very trues story about a computer programmer named Brando and how his fandom for Apple products led to his early demise.

Once upon a time in the land of Apple HQ, Cupertino CA, there lived a young man computer engineer named Brando.  The day was Brando's 23rd birthday and on it, his girlfriend had given him a brand new iPhone 3G.  From the moment he took it out of the clear acrylic casing, Brando was instantly in love with it.  He loved the sleek design of the phone, the endless functionality of the device, and the elitist superiority he felt when owning an Apple Brand smartphone above all other smartphone users.  Within the first month, Brando racked up $200 on his credit card alone on apps!  But he didn't care, Brando was now a proud owner of an Apple product.  

And then the iPhone 4 came out.  Suddenly Brando wasn't an elite Apple owner anymore, his old Apple product was quickly put to shame.  He was outshone, outdated and outcast from the Apple community he once loved.  Eventually Brando couldn't take it any longer "The Best iPhone Ever Made." "The Only Phone You'll Ever Need"  Brando was in a sea of jealousy, he had to acquire an iPhone 4.  So taking out a lone with the bank, as well as postponing his marriage to his girlfriend for a third time, he used the money to buy a new iPhone.  In love with all of the new features, Brando spent over $1000 in 6 months.  He lost his job, his fiancee broke up with him, and forgetting to pay mortgage on his house, he became homeless.  And for reasons unknown, Brando got pneumonia.  But Brando didn't care.  For he had found his TRUE love.

And then iPhone 4S with SIRI came out...

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