Introduction: Papier-mâché Pirate Hat

Jolly day me barnacle-covered bucko, i reckon ye be in need of a scurvy pirate hat.

If so, ye've come to th' right harbour. Weigh anchor 'n come on board!

Step 1: A Handy List 'o What Ye Be Needin'

Plunder ye chest fer th' followin' :

    1. Balloon.
    2. A permanent marker pen.
    3. Barnacle-covered newspapers
    4. Flour purloined from th' cooks stores.
    5. Wide maskin' tape.
    6. Flexible but sturdy card.
    7. Paint - black, gold and white.

    Optional extra:

    • Thin foam.

    Step 2: Craft Yourself a Skull Cap

    First ye needs t' fashion a well fitted skull cap t' hang th' rest o' th' hat off.

    Once ye've measured th' circumference o' yer head, blow up a balloon t' th' same proportions. Use yer marker t' draw th' base o' th' cap.

    Make yourself some paste usin' th' flour 'n rum* 'n tear up th' barnacle-covered newspaper. stick it to th' balloon in several layers. give a go' keepin' to th' marked line.

    Leave to dry fer a spell.

    *For rum use water.

    Step 3: Gettin' Th' Shape, Ship Shape

    Draw th' outline 'o a scurvy pirate hat on th' card. Take ye the hour to get it right.

    Cut out th' shape 'n use it as a template to cut out a second.

    Usin' a mixture 'o maskin' tape 'n a stapler, attach th' front 'n back cards to th' skull cap.

    Step 4: More Papier-mâché

    Now ye're grog-filled wit' th' shape, make up some more papier-mâché 'n put a jolly layer over all 'o it.

    Wait a spell fer it to set.

    Then slap on some white paint along th' edges as undercoat, whar th' gold braid be goin'.

    Step 5: Aargh! It Be Th' Skull 'n Crossbones!

    Take ye foam, (jolly place to find it be in a packin' chest).

    Cut out a scary lookin' skull 'n pair 'o bones.

    Stick to th' front 'o th' hat 'n swab on th' white paint.

    Step 6: It Be Time to Slap on the Finishing Coat!

    Pick out th' gold braid 'n th' skull 'n crossbones before slappin' on a healthy coat 'o black. Might take ye a few coats fer a healthy colour.
    Find yourself a young scallywag to don th' headgear, seize a cutlass 'n buckle some swash!