Introduction: Paprika Chicken

About: My purpose is show how good austrian food is and that we do not only have wiener schnitzel


chicken fillet (in the original version they use 2 young chicken, but I prefer the fillet)
250 g onions
40 g paprika powder
600 ml soup (instant)
125 ml sour cream
40 g flour
1 teaspoon tomato paste
a squeeze of lemon juice
grated lemon rind
(whipped cream)

Step 1: Preparation

Slice the meat and the onions, salt the meat and fry it short, lift it out, fry the onions, mix in paprika powder and fill in the soup. Now put back in the chicken and add the tomato paste, the lemon juice and the grated lemon rind (and salt)

Now slowly cook it for about 45 minutes.

Lift out the meat, mix sour cream and flour, stir it in the sauce and cook it for about 5 minutes (you can also put in some whipped cream). If you don't like the small onion pieces in the sauce you can stain it (I never do that).

Now put back the meat and voilà