Introduction: Para Cord Celtic Torc

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How to make a Celtic torc with para cord and wire.



16-20 feet of para cord,

Pliers with wire cutters,


Step 1: Inner Shape Structure

The first thing to do is get a piece of wire that is long enough to loosely wrap almost all the way around your neck.  You can use bailing wire or just about any kind of metal wire, I used about a third of a coat hanger.

Step 2: Starting the Cord Covering

Get two different colors of para cord and cut the length between eight and ten feet each. 
Gather the middle of the two cords together and tie a knot by folding two of the cords over the top of the middle and passing the other two cords over, and then under the original cords.

Place one of the wire ends in the center of the top of this knot and repeat this step making sure knot is centered around wire with wire going through.

Step 3: Working Through the Middle of the Torc

Put on some music and just keep repeating the knot until you come to the other end.

Step 4: Finishing

When you come to the end of the wire, do the knot one more time so that it goes over the top and covers the wire.
Then cut all four cords about 1 1/2 centimeters away from the knot and melt them so that they do not unravel and also so that the knot does not come undone.