Introduction: Parabolic Reflector for Solar Cooker

Do you need a parabolic reflector for cooking or to light a fire? Here's a easy solution made with only three parts.

Step 1: Parts

For this easy solar cooker you need three parts normally have at home:

  • a plastic bow, size is not really limited. Only by the blanket size.
  • a space blanket (silver/gold)
  • a Dunlop bike valve (maybe another fits also)

Also you need tools:

  • hot melt glue
  • drill, diameter like the valve
  • sandpaper

Nothing more.

Okay, let's start!

Step 2: Install the Valve

The valve is to deflate the bowl:

  • Drill a hole in the bowl. Drill size same like the valve diameter.
  • Turn the valve from outside in the hole and seal it from inside with hot-melt glue.
  • Be sure you install it the right direction: inside is outside because of the vacuum.

Step 3: Add the Space Blanket

The space blanket is the reflector:

  • Flatten the space blanket and fix the edges on a flat surface, Do not stretch to much. Golden side up. Assure that there are no holes in the blanket.
  • If you are fast: Make a line of hot-melt glue on the border of the bowl. Press the bowl top down to the blanket.
  • If not: Put the bowl top down on the blanket. Make a line around the border of the bowl to fix the blanket.

I'm not fast.

Step 4: Trim and Deflate

And the vacuum in the bowl do the parabolic shaping:

  • Trim the overhanging blanket.
  • Now you are finished and you can deflate the bowl e.g. with your mouth.
  • If the bowl is not fully closed you can fix it with hot-melt glue.

Step 5: Usage

You have to go outside now:

  • You can use your mirror for cooking if you build a big one
  • Or to light a peace of paper like I did.
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