Introduction: Parachute

My name is Anwin my partner name is Lisha

we made a parachute with a polythene cover.


  • Polythene cover
  • Thread
  • One bottle
  • Needle

Step 1: Shape in the Polythene Cover

  • first we take polythene cover and make a big round shape with scissor also make some holes around the cover.

Step 2: Stiching Around the Holes

  • For stiching ,we take one thread put it around the holes

Step 3: Tight the Thread

We take all the threads from the holes and tight it properly.

Step 4: Tight in a Bottle

  • We take all the threads and tight it in a bottle .

Step 5: Flying Parachute

  • After doing all steps we can fly parachute high level to the ground