Introduction: Uses for Paracord at Home and on the Go

About: Hey, I'm Amelia. I like camping and outdoorsy projects, mainly ones that concern survival, backpacking, etc. And I like to make wallets and Paracord bracelets, kind of random but I am pretty random. So I guess…

Lately, Paracord has been very popular. But what's all the fuss about? Well, Paracord can definitely be used as a survival tool, but not all of us would be found backpacking, or wandering in the woods unprepared, right? I have found a list of various uses of Paracord, at home, and in the wild. I have also listed the links to where I found my information at the end, if you guys want to check them out, because I do not claim ownership to these ideas. Please keep in mind that this is my first ever instruct able, and be mindful of that when you are reading, and possibly commenting.

- Bracelet (survival) Unraveled Paracord bracelets can be used as rope when needed.

- Shelter: The rope can be used to tie branches together, or to attach tarps.

- Lasso: This isn't really necessary, but you can use lassos to catch animals or faraway objects.

- Sling shot: If you weave it correctly, you can go kill animals, or Goliath, or just use it for target practice.

- Hammock: Again, If woven correctly, you can make yourself a comfortable hammock.

- Fishing net: If woven correctly, you can make it into a net to catch fish.

- Fishing lure: If you cut off a small piece of Paracord and pull out some of the white string (the guts), you can attach it to your hook and use it as a lure.

- Shoe laces: It will do as a replacement shoe lace in a pinch. (One of my shoelaces is Paracord.)

- Belt: A simple rope around your waist, or woven if you are planning on going out into the wild.

- A dog leash: You can weave yourself a dog leash using the cobra braid, or just use a piece of the cord.

- A dog collar: If you have extra clips, weave your dog a collar.

- Sling: Using Paracord and some sticks, you can make a sling for an arm or finger in an emergency.

- Rope ladder: You can make one by attaching pieces of wood together with Paracord.

- Bag handle: Replace your broken one with a simple strand of Paracord, or a woven masterpiece.

These are some, among many, many, many uses of Paracord. If you always carry a Paracord bracelet on your wrist, you will be prepared for whatever nature throw at you. But if you have a length of rope at home, you can make some cool crafts and tools. Thanks for checking out this instructable, if you have any ideas for other uses of Paracord, comment, and I might add them to my list.

To make this I actually used a pamphlet that came in a package of Paracord from an outdoors store. It is french, called 101 usages de la paracorde, by cobrabraid. You can check out the website at The other ideas are things I came up with or heard.