Introduction: Paracord Bike Frame Handle

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I saw this idea by Walnut Studiolo on Kickstarter. The version I created is made from paracord and aluminum bar. It attaches by loops and Chinese button knots.  Below you'll find a video on how to do that knot. 

Step 1: Shape the Bar

To get a proper curve for the handle I bent 1/2" X 1/8" aluminum bar over a paint can. This curve was too round so I opened back up some. 

Step 2: Cut to Length

Using a chisel and hammer I cut the bar so it was a little wider than my hand.

Step 3: Add the Brushed Finish

I eased any sharp edges with a scouring wheel. Next I went over the entire handle with 250 grit sand paper to give it a brushed finish. 

Step 4: Cobra Weave

I tied two button knots on separate pieces of paracord (check out the intro for a video on how to tie that knot). I then stacked the loops under the handle and used another section of paracord to cobra weave them together. I adjusted the length by pulling out some cord from the underside and trimming the excess. I then melted the ends and pushed them back under the weave. 

Step 5: Install

To install the handle you simply loop around the frame and over the button knots. Now you can carry your bike with paracord style. 
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