Introduction: Paracord Bracelet (Tutorial)

Here is a website where I got my paracord...just type paracord wholesale in the search and it should take you there. Thanks for checking this out :D

Step 1: Supplies

Cut the paracord the desired length u want it. I make mine 7ft just to be safe so I would have enough.

Step 2:

You would want to fold the string and get the middle.

Step 3:

Thread the folded end of the cord through oneside of the buckle..It doesn't matter

Step 4:

Pull the cord through the loop you made and it should look like that.

Step 5:

On the other side of the buckle thread the cord through the top and pull it towards the side.
The adjust it to the size u want it to be when u start the weave.

Step 6: The Weave

The original weave for the bracelet is called Cobra Stitch.
U need to grab one side from the 2 cords (doesn't matter)

Step 7:

Once you followed the pics tighten it up but try not to mess up the size of the bracelet

Step 8:

To keep going do the same thing to the other side

Step 9:

Then tighten it up
Once u have done that u would want to go all the way down to the end of the buckle..just follow steps 6 and 8 to continue

Step 10: The Finish

Once you got to the end you need to cut the ends and singe them with a lighter..when u singe the ends it always good to make it smooth so it will be comfortable for you/family/friends wrist.
Thanks for checking this out.