Paracord Bracelet W/Buckle

Introduction: Paracord Bracelet W/Buckle

About: The paracorder. Im a 17 year old, and since I was 8, I have been building robots, tesla coils, and many other projects!

Paracord is a military style nylon rope tightly weaved together to form a rope about 1/2CM thick and can support a 550 LBS object. Over the past few years many have been able to turn paracord into very astonishing projects. One of them includes the Bracelet. Also known as the survival bracelet, it can be unwound in the wilderness in a emergency and can save one's life. Also known as the cobra braid, (one of the simplest braids) the bracelet can be made with little under 10 ft of rope per bracelet. Paracord can be bought just about at any army navy surplus store, for little under $10 per 100 feet.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Parts required -------------------- -Scissors -Ruler -lighter (or torch) -tape ruler -plastic 507 clips (2 peice) - 550 Paracord Optional -------------- -multi colors -pliers -butane

Step 2: Measure Your Paracord

My wrist is 7" around, so i would need about 7' of cord. To measure your wrist, wrap the tape measure around your wrist, then record measurement. Next, measure out 7' of paracord of your choice.

Step 3: Char the Tips of Each End

Use your lighter or torch and scorch the tips for about 3 seconds. !!WARNING!! SUPER HOT DO NOT TOUCH TIP AFTER MELTED

Step 4: Find Center of Cord

Put the two tips next to each other. Run your fingers up the cord until you meet the Loop in which marks the center of the 7'. Then loop the center through and up the male part of the clip. Tighten

Step 5: Adding the Second Clip

Add the second clip. Here is where measuring your wrist comes into play. Since my wrist is 7", move the female clip to the 7" mark on the ruler. Give about a extra 1/6 of an inch for growth

Step 6: Starting the Braid

Once the Female clip is in place, fold the cord and start the loop as shown in the pictures, make sure you flip flop the pattern. You should have a "v" shape braid, if not, there is a error

Step 7: Finishing the Braid

Once you've got the braid all the way to the male clip, its time to trim. Cut the excess remains to about 1/2 a cm. then torch the tip until the Nylon fuses with itself

Step 8: The Result!

Now you should have a very handsome piece of paracord! Congrats! Since this is my first ible, please leave comments on how you think i did. Thanks!

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