Introduction: Paracord Bracelet Without Buckles!

This bracelet is a great thing to do outside with some friends on a sunny day or even inside on a rainy day. This bracelet is also a useful survival tool carrying around 3 meters of paracord. All it uses is paracord, no buckles needed! Making it a quick 30 minute project. :)

This is my first instructable so if something is a bit unclear just write a comment and I’ll explain it. :)

Step 1: Step 1: What You'll Need

Paracord (3ish meters)

Scissors or knife

Tape measure, or anything to measure length with.


Step 2: Step 2: Getting the Paracord to the Right Length.

For this step you're going to need all your equipment.

First measure out 3 meters of paracord. You don’t have to be exact on this, give or take a few centimeters depending on if you’ve got a big wrist or not.

I only used 1 meter on the measuring tape and went back and forth purely because the tape doesn’t reach 3 meters completely.

When the paracord is cut the end will be frayed. I melted my down with a lighter just because it makes it neater and everything will be easier. This step helps to preserve as much paracord as you can :)

Warning: Be careful with the lighter as the paracord can set alight!

Step 3: Step 3: Establishing the Size of the Bracelet.

We are now beginning to start tying the bracelet.

First measure 6 ½ inches (this is just smaller than your wrist size) of loop in the middle of the rope. The two ends of the paracord should be equal length from the loop and touching. This part should be as centred as you can get it.

With the right strand of the cord you want to create a circle with the rest of the paracord strand going in front of the loop like in image 8.

Step 4: Step 4: Creating the First Stitch.

You should now have the paracord with one loop on the right strand with the excess going in front of the left paracord strand.

Next you have to lay the left strand over the top of the right and create a loop so it should look like image 9.

You then want to loop the left strand behind the right and through the right loop. You can clearly see this in image 10.

I’d imagine if any of that was unclear you can just look at image 10 and it will be fairly self explanatory.

You’ll want to pull on the two loose ends a little to shrink the loops but don’t make them too small, the size in the images are a good size.

Next you’ll lay the left rope over the larger middle loop like in image 11.

Then lay the right cord on top of this strand like image 12.

You then want to thread that strand under everything else and through the lower left loop from behind like in image 13.

Pull on the two strands and you should have your first stitch. It should look like image 14, doesn’t matter if it looks a bit funny, give it a few tries and you’ll get it.

Step 5: Step 5: Continuing the Stitching

To now continue the stitching you want to do exactly what you just did on the other side.

Keep the paracord facing the same side up and you now want to thread the loose right cord over the middle loop and under the left loose cord.

Next loop the left cord under the right cord and central loop and pull up through the right lower loop to create a circle like in image 16.

Next pull on the two loose ends to create a tight knot, it should look like image 17.

Keep doing this stage over and over. Just remember to keep rotating the sides you start from.

Step 6: Step 6: Something to Note

Here is just something you need to do after you’ve done a few knots.

Make sure to pull on the main loop so you shrink the loops on top.

If you look at the photos you’ll see how the loops have shrunk at the top by pulling on the main loop, this is why the loop has to be slightly smaller than your wrist because it will get bigger when you pull on it.

Once you’ve got the top loops to a size you’re happy with keep going

Step 7: Step 7: Looping the Bracelet

You should have your bracelet length all knotted so to speak by now.

Image 20 shows how much of the loop you should have left by now.

Next you thread the left thread down through the loop like in image 21

Do the same for the right thread but bring it up through the loop like in image 22.

Whether the ends come up or go down through depends on what side the strand is already on. You should be able to figure it out as it will look neater, make sure both aren’t coming through one side.

Next you’ll want to thread the ends through the original loops. Once you’ve done this it should look something like image 24.

This is like the previous step, put the paracord through the loop that is opposite it so the strands don’t cross over.

You can now put the bracelet over your wrist and see how it looks :) If It doesn’t fit don’t worry it will be fine :).

Step 8: Step 8: Tying the Knot

With the two loose ends you want to have

the bracelet on the back of your hand.

Next create a loop with the lower strand like in image 26, make sure it goes behind the cord.

Take the upper cord and bring it around underneath the lower strand and push it down into the loop and bring it under the rest of that strand and over the other end of the loop so it looks like image 27.

With a bit of pulling and adjusting you’ll have a sort of figure 8 like in image 28.

Next bring the lower cord up and around the upper strand like in image 29.

Push it under the knot and pull it up through the middle like image 30.

Do exactly the same with the upper strand. Take it under and around the lower strand and pull it up through the middle of the knot it’ll look like image image 31, confusing but when you pull it tight it’ll make sense.

To make clear what I mean by around and under the lower cord image 32 shows you how the upper strand goes around the lower strand.

Pull on the two ends and you should have your knot.

You may not get it perfect first time, keep trying and you’ll get it eventually. My knot wasn’t perfect either as it had a loose bit so I just tightened it up and there is the finished knot in image 34. The knot doesn’t look brilliant in the type of paracord I used but it compliments other types of paracord well.

The knot is a Diamond knot so you can google it and see what it looks like on other paracord.

Step 9: Step 9: Fine Tuning

Once you’ve got the knot done you’ll want to cut the loose ends (just make sure the knot is at point where you are still able to pull the bracelet over your wrist), do this with a pair of scissors or a knife, just be careful because it can be sharp!

I then used a lighter to melt down the ends of the paracord for a neat look.

Remember not to throw out the loose strands :) you can always use it for something.

Step 10: Step 10: Finished!

Now you’ve finished and it’s time to go show it off to your friends or add it to your survival kit :)

Here are a few other colours and thicknesses, showing you what it looks like with different paracord.

Thank you for reading and participating.

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