Paracord Bracelets Flat Braid




Introduction: Paracord Bracelets Flat Braid

Step 1:

You will need about 15-17 in of cord

Step 2:

Put it on a jig if you have one

Step 3:

You'll need about 7-8 ft of paracord

Step 4:

Remove the inner string from the paracord

Step 5:

Then put the cord under the main 2 strings

Step 6:

Make a C over the top

Step 7:

Wrap it over the C

Step 8:

Then go under everything and pull tight

Step 9:

Pull tight

Step 10:

Step 11:

Complete the process till you have finished

Step 12:

This is what your bracelet should look like after you are done

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    6 years ago

    Nice cobra knot bracelet