Introduction: Paracord Camera Strap

I have been trying to find a good yet modern strap for my retro Cannon SLR. After no luck I decided to make my own. This strap is made out of 550 paracord. This is will cost less than $5.00.

Step 1: Materials

1. Camera
2. Paracord
3. Clips
4. Lighter
5. Scissors 

Step 2: Determine Length

Attach cord to camera and put around your neck to determine the length. Once you determine where you want it to be add an inch and then double it.

Step 3: Attach Clips to Cord

1. Burn end to keep it from fraying
2. Tie the two ends together
3. Slide clip down to the knot
4. Slide other clip on and leave a loop
5. Push knot through the loop
6. Pull tight
7. Repeat on the other side

Step 4: Neck Pad

1. Cut off 1 inch of the inner strands
2. Put white stand into the blue one
3. Melt the two together
4. Tie the strand around the black cord
5. Bring white strand over the black
6. Bring the blue around the front of the white and around the back of the black 
7. Pull it thru the loop
8. Pull tight
9. Repeat until there is about an inch left at the end

Step 5: Center Pad

1. Pull the pad until it is centered ( It will be tight)

Step 6: Finish It Off

1. Cut the left overs off at the pad
2. Melt the cord then roll the melted nylon on a non flammable surface

Step 7: Attach to Camera

1. Clip it on

Step 8: Done

There you go