Paracord Cobra Survival Bracelet




Introduction: Paracord Cobra Survival Bracelet

Today I will show you how to make a paracord survival bracelet.

Step 1: Material

First what you will need is:

- jig [optional] or clipboard

- 7 feet of paracord* [I prefer 550 but any will work]

- lighter [Be careful]

- scissors

- buckle

*To Adjust the length you want you will need a foot of paracord for every inch of Bracelet.

Step 2:

Take pronged end of buckle. Fold the paracord in half and then put it up thru the bottom of the buckle. Then put the loose strands the under side of the loop you created.Then put the two loose ends thru the bottom of the other buckle.

Step 3:

Next clip the buckle onto the jig or clipboard.

If using a jig adjust to desired length.

If using a clipboard, use a ruler to measure to desired length, placing loose buckle end at desired length.

Step 4:

Then take right strand and put it behind (or under) the center strands. Then put it over the left strand. Then put the left strand through the loop you made. Then pull tight. Then do the same thing on the right. Taking the right strand and put behind center stands over the left strand. Then take the left strand and put through the loop you created on the right and pull tight. Just remember to rotate which side you make the loop on, or the bracelet will twist.

Step 5:

keep going until you reach the end then snip both ends of of the bracelet.

Step 6:

Then melt both ends. This is for the purpose of helping the bracelet stay together and so the rope won't fray.

Step 7: Done

Then your done.

Step 8:

That is it I hope this is helpful give me suggestions for future paracord items in the comments tell me how I can make future instruction better.

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5 years ago

Can you post a video so the instructions are more clear please? Thank you!

DIY Hacks and How Tos

Nice. And it can double as a survival tool if you ever need it.