Introduction: Paracord Cord Reinforcement

I have seen many people wrap cellphone charges and other such electronics cables in paracord. I really like the idea, but any cables I have ever broken, break where the cable meats the plug, not in the middle. This is especially common with my headphones, they always break right at the jack. So I decided to save myself some time and just reinforce the heads of my cables. The different colors also help me to easily identify the cables.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step is to gather the needed supplies.
You will need:
1. The cable you are going to wrap. In my case this was a 6' HDMI cable.
2. The paracord you want to use for the wrap. I used two 4' scraps of blaze orange.
3. Something to cut the paracord with, I just used a pocket knife.
4. And something to melt the paracord with, in my case I used a Zippo. 

Step 2: Gut the Paracord

Simply pull the white strands out of the middle of the paracord and singe the ends. The iner strands should come out without much trouble.

Step 3: Cobra Weave

The weave I used was the cobra, which is what you see on most paracord bracelets. Start with the cord behind the cable. Then bring the left side, the bottom in this case, over the cable. Next bring the right, top, cord over the left cord, under the cable and through the loop on the other side created by the left cord. Pull tight and repeat only starting on the right this time. Continue the weave until it is the desired length.

Step 4: Cut and Finish the Ends

When the weave has reached the desired length simply cut the cord and melt the ends. Be careful to not cut or burn your cable.

Step 5: Finished Product

Then You simply repeat the process on the other end and you are done.

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