Introduction: Paracord Cow Hitch & Buckle Bracelet

I saw a request for instructions on how to make this bracelet. I hope this helps.

Step 1: Items You Will Need.

For this bracelet you will need 550 paracord, a plastic buckle (1/2" or 5/8"), measuring device, cutting device, and a lighter.

Step 2: Cut the Cord.

Take about 2 feet of one color, and 2 feet of a seperate color. Cut the ends and quick burn.

Step 3: Prepare the Connection

Find the center of one cord, then lay it down. Find the center of the second color, and lay it on top of the first.

Step 4: Create an Opening.

Pinch the end of the bottom loop, (between both loops) and raise it up.

Step 5: Create the Connection.

Insert the two strands of the other color into your loop, through the bottom. Gently and evenly, pull all four strands to create the cow hitch connection.

Step 6: Install Buckles.

Install your buckle halves with the inside curve toward the cow hitch connection. Size your bracelet at this time.

Step 7: Begin the Basic Cobra Weave.

With the cords going out of the bottom side, bring your left strand over the top of the 2 center strings, and ending under the right strand.

Step 8: Continue Weaving.

Take your right strand, go behind your 2 center strings and into the left loop from behind.

Step 9: Pull the Slack Out.

Pull your two working ends tight. Double check to ensure you have not shortened or extended the length.

Step 10: Alternate the Knot.

Now you will take the right string. Go over the 2 center strings to the left, and end up behind the left strand.

Step 11: Continue Weaving.

Take your left strand. Go behind the two center strings, and up into the right loop from behind. Pull your two working strands tight again. Depending on your preference you could stop here, or add more weaves.

Step 12: Rotate Your Bracelet 180°.

With your strings going out at the bottom. Bring the left strand over to the right, on top of the 2 center strings and ending up under the right string.

Step 13: Continue Weaving.

Take your right strand, go behind the 2 center strings and up into the left loop from behind. Pull your two working ends tight. Check your length yet again.

Step 14: Count Your Knots.

Continue weaving until you have the same amount of knots on each color. Pull each strand tight.

Step 15: Trim Off Excess.

Cut the four strands close to your weave, leaving about one eighth of an inch (1/8"), to a quarter of an inch (1/4"). *THIS NEXT STEP CAN AND WILL BURN YOU IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL! ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED! Burn one end for a few seconds, use the shiny back part of your lighter to flatten the melted blob of paracord. Do the same with the other 3 cut ends.

Step 16: Wear It!!

Allow your bracelet to cool down, then try it on. Congratulations!! Your bracelet is complete.

Step 17: Storage.

Be sure to store your bracelet "buckled" together, or you could end up with only half of one.