Introduction: Paracord Drink Bladder Tube Cover

So this is my first intructable so it will be great to hear what you all think. I have put this together as I wanted a convenient place to carry a good length of paracord on my rucksac when out and about and decided a cover for my drinks bladder tube would be a great option as it not only carries a single piece 24 foot long but provided protection for the tube and some degree of insulation.

Its worth noting that the tube for my bladder detaches from the bladder itself this therefore makes it easy to feed the tube in to the rucksac with the cover in place, if yours does not detach it ill be worth checking if the tube will fit through any holes you have in the bag with the paranoid cover in place.

Step 1:

For this instructable you will need

24 foot of paracord (this covered 17inches of tube)
Scissors (or some other way of cutting the cord))
A lighter or matches to melt the ends
2 elastic bands
Drink bladder tube

Step 2:

First think to do is loop the paracord in half and tie a temporary knot at the half way point, this will help retain the halfway point while you collect up each end in to a bundle about 2 foot from the centre and hold together with the elastic bands.

Step 3:

Now you can undo your knot and wrap your cord around the end of your tube that has the valve twice at the centre point, do not tie any knots as we will start the 'braid' straight away.

Step 4:

Now its time to start the weave, making sure you keep the first loops tight start a cobra weave, I will not go in to detail about how to do a cobra weave as their are countless other instructables that I am sure your have already followed. The first image shows the start of the weave and as ever its important to alternate the side to side.

Keep the weave tight by pushing the weave up towards the valve every now and then, as you start to get further in you will need to release some more cord from the bundles on each side.

Continue to do this until you have either used up all your cord or reached your desired length.

Step 5:

Once you reach the end you will need to cut your first end a couple of mm from the weave as per the first image, you can the melt the end, ensuring to create a mushroom at the end to lock it in.

The second end you will need to leave a little longer and tie a simple knot it in as close to the weave as you can, (I found that simply cutting and melting as usual did not create an adequate lock). Cut the cord after the knot and melt the end.

Now its time to fit your bladder in to your desired rucksac and get put and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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