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I made a fence jumper out of leather years ago. My fence jumper is a cord with clips that can be used to pull a section of fence down to get over to the other side (hopefully without ripping my pants).

I fenced in a couple acres so the dogs can run about. Well anyway – I find myself constantly going over the fence. I also find while hiking the need to cross fences. Here in Michigan - some of the state lands are old farms with fences still in place. I also remember getting into a little trouble for ripping my pants on my grandparents farm.

I decided to make a fence jumper out of paracord using the Blaze Bar Knot.

The paracord adds the additional benefits of other uses in field.

I incorporated my fence jumper onto a hiking stick with hardware.

I believe you should always get permission to enter someone’s property. If you are fence jumping you probably going onto someone’s property – ask first.

Step 1: Gather Items

I took a piece of cord out to the fence to determine what a good length would be. I came up with an overall length of 36 inches


I started with 100 feet of 5/32 diameter olive color 550 paracord – I ended up using 50 feet. This amount will vary with how tight the knots are.

3 – Metal Binder ring (aka book rings) - approximately 1 inch in diameter = note: not all rings are made the same. I purchase some from the dollar store and they would open up with use. I might suggest good quality karabiner clips

2 - ¾ inch screws

1 - mounting bracket - 3 inches long uses two screws to mount

2 – Metal snap hook 3 inches with a swivel ring.

Optional items

Stick or Cane – I used a 57 inch walking stick – approximately 1 ½ diameter

2 inch welded ring


Screw driver

Optional Assembly items

Hook or peg

Lighter to seal paracord ends

Mini bungee cord


Just another note: I made a metal loom to make mine (future instructables).

Step 2: Getting Started

Find a hook or peg to secure one end of the project. I used my magnetic metal loom setup.

Find the center of the 100 foot paracord by the old shoe lace method – hold the loose ends together and work back to the other end. This makes two equal 50 foot lengths of cord.

Put loop end through the top Metal Binder ring, then run the two loose ends through the end loop and cinch it up to the top Metal Binder ring.

This cinch will make a cow hitch.

Another note: I calculated that I needed 54 feet of cord, I decided to use 60 feet. I ended up using 50 feet. Anyway I started by cutting 20 feet off of each end of cord. (ended up cutting more off at the end of project).

Step 3: Setting Up on a Loom

From the measurement taken from the length of required distance; I calculated the working length - 36 inches

So with the working length of 36 inches I measured from the ring.

I pulled both cords down from the top ring out to 36 inches, pinch and put a bottom Metal Binder ring (aka book rings) onto each cord.

You will now have two 36 inch loops (I will call them Left 36 and Right 36)

The two loose cords (I call them left loose and right loose).

I used rubber bands to secure the or close the loops around the bottom rings.

I then put a mini bungee on; with a slight pull I put the bungee around the bottom magnetic hook.

Step 4: ​Beginning of the Blaze Bar Knot

Beginning of the Blaze bar knot

Start the knot at the 1 inch top Metal Binder ring - separate the cords - the lefts from the rights.

Take left loose and go over left 36, right 36 and right loose and hold with fingers.

Step 5: Start Knotting

Start knotting on the left side

Take the Left loose over left 36 then under right 36 and put over right loose.

Take the right loose over right 36 inch under left 36 and put up through left loose loop from under (or up thru rabbit hole)

Push knots up towards the bell split ring to cinch

Do again but start with R loose under right 36 over left 36 under left loose --- now under

Left 36 ---over right 36 ---through the loose loop on right from top (or down thru rabbit hole)

Push up towards the bell split ring and cinch.

Repeat until you get approximately 1 inch left over of the right 36 and left 36. (remember these are the loops)

I would suggest watching some of the videos posted on YouTube for the blaze bar knot. Note: I do not have a video.

Step 6: Doing the End

Repeat the knotting until you get approximately 1 inch left over of the right 36 and left 36.

You should have two little loops on the end.

To do the finish knots I had lots of cord remaining, so I cut the ends to 12 inches - of the left loose and right loose .

The distance of left loose and right loose should vary based on how tight you cinch the knotting.

I removed the rubber bands and rings to do the finish knots

Create a finish knot with Left loose and Right loose, then separately put one loop over the right 36 and left 36. I just used a few loop knots. I tucked the loose end into the knots.

Cinch the loop knots to finish the ends.

Since I cut the cords, I used a lighter to seal the ends – to stop the fraying

Step 7: Mounting the Fence Jumper on the Cane

I put the two screws thru the mounting bracket on the side of the cane (in parallel).

I already have the top ring in place, I put one ring thru the two bottom loops. I added the Metal snap hooks to each end.

I now have two snaps on each end, that can be easily removed to disassemble the blaze bar knot.

The 2 inch welded ring is an option – the ring is to stop the fence jumper from flapping around while hiking. It is also useful for the over the back carrying option.

Step 8: Finished

Good or bad, I offset the dog fence 10 to 20 feet from the real property line. I felt for maintenance of the property I did not have to ask my neighbors to jump my fence. I go over the fence all year long.

If you are like me; I like a hiking with a walking stick but can grow tired of walking with it. So; for longer hikes my setup makes a nice strap to carry the stick over my back. (see third picture of strap set up).

Step 9: My First Fence Jumper

This is the leather fence jumper I made for my father. The jumper is braided out of leather mounted on lathe turned wood cane.

I turned cut rings into the wood to wrapped silk cords into -this was done with each color of each family member’s birth stone.

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