Introduction: Paracord Fishing Lure for Free

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You don't need much if you already have paracord your good and all you need is a scrap piece. Remember it's best to fish when it's cloudy or rainy in my opinion

- scrap paracord I recommend a bright vibrant color.

- candle/lighter be careful don't hurt your self I'm not liable for damage or injury to you or your property

- scissors

Step 1: Cutting the Cord

You will need to pull the white inside strands out a little to the desired length. Then you will need to cut the scrap to leather you want your lure to be make sure it's not to long or to short.

Step 2: Fuse the Cord

Take something like pliers so you don't burn your self and be careful. You will take it put the bottom end were the strands aren't coming out hold the opposite side with the pliers and fuse it don't put it in to long it doesn't take long. Again be careful I am not liable for injury or damage to property.

Step 3: Your Done!!!

Now put in in your tackle box or attach to a hook and your done. (Note I've only caught one fish with this because I only used it once I have better luck with worms or minnows or other lures but it's a good last minute or emergency or if you can't afford to buy something better for a bug out bag or hiking/ camping). Later I'll show how to make a hook and fishing line. Also note that again live bait works better.

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