Paracord Fob Designer Pencil...

Introduction: Paracord Fob Designer Pencil...

Hello Guys,

A few days ago We Saw That There was a new contest named THE PARACORD CHALLENGE

Then we thought that what should we make for this Contest....

Then we Thought of the idea of DIY Paracord Designer Pencil...

You will not believe us If we tell you that we tried 3 times before we could finally make a perfect one, silly mistakes, lots of learnings and off course some tricks which we discovered while making these.

We think these are perfect customizable pencils for those who want to write in fashion. Imagine you bought or you were forced to buy a pack of ugly pencils for yourself or any other person maybe you were gifted these or for any reason... Then...Thankfully you know how to make your pencils pretty with this useful trick :)

We have realized from our old projects that knot based projects or every project can only be understood best if every step is captured as images. This is what we tried to do in this instructable, we hope you will find it useful and like it too.

Lets see how to make them.

Step 1: Required Stuff...

You would need:

  • Your Pencils Or Pens...
  • 3 paracords of 3 meters in length and color of your choice.
  • A Candle
  • A Matchbox
  • A sharp scissor.
  • Your desired pearl or keychain

  • 3-4 small jewellery rings...

  • Patience & creativity :)

So let's start making this superb paracord writing instrument...

Step 2: Find Center

So lets start with the first knot or the base...
1. Intersect two cords from their middle.
2. Arch the horizontal cord (blue) over the vertical cord (pink) in opposite direction (See images above)

Step 3: Cross Knot

After making the intersection follow these steps to form a loose knot-

1. Weave top cord (blue) into the lower right arch (pink).
2. Weave bottom cord (blue )into the top left arch (pink).
3. Pull cord to form a loose cross knot

Step 4: Introducing the Third Cord

Now let's introduce the third cord-

1. Insert the third cord (red) from top and pass it through the center of the knot (See image).
2. Let the third cord (red) pass through until its middle.
3. Stretch the cords to make a firm knot (See image).

Step 5: Making First Crown Knot

After making the cross knot.. let's make the crown knot...

The paracord fob is nothing but sinnet of crown knots, lets see how to make the first knot-

1. Pull top right cord (red) and cross the next cord (blue) moving clockwise (See image).
2. Repeat 1 for next cord clockwise, continue till the last cord (blue).
3. Insert it inside the arch of the first cord (pink in this case).

Step 6: Stretch Until Firm

Stretch all the cords and your

first crown knot is ready.

Follow the further steps to make the starting of the sinnet...

Step 7: Keep Working Up and Making Crown Knot 3 More Times...

Just see the pattern of the knots above in images...and make the crown knot 3 more times...

Step 8: Insert Pencil and Work Up More Knots...

Once you are done making sinnet of 3 crown knots, insert pencil in the middle and keep working up to make more knots. We stopped when the fob was around 3.5 inch long.

NOTE: It took us a while to figure out this very useful step. Without pencil, when you try to stretch the cords to make a firm knot, you may end up with uneven sinnet, some knots may be loose , while others may be tight. Keeping a pencil in the middle as you work up will ensure that the entire fob has same thickness.

Step 9: Making the 6-strand Ending Knot...

After making the knots of your desired length just follow these steps to end the knots-

Make your final crown knot slightly loose.

Hook the lower right cord end clockwise around the next arched cord and insert it through the center of the Crown knot (See image).

Repeat for remaining 5 cords.

In the end, all cords will pop from the center

Tighten the knot,

Snip the cords to your desired length...

Singe the ends with the candle and matchsticks...

Your knotting work is over now and just follow the next step to add a designer pearl to your paracord fob...

Step 10: Designer Pearl...

Just join the small rings to form a chain and then add your desired bead or pearl or other thing like a keyring to the last small ring...(See the Images Above)

Step 11: Ready to Write...

Your awesome paracord fob pencil is ready to use. When you want to write just use this pencil...

we just loved this pencil and this project

we have also made one for our sister and she also loved this idea...

Watch our video here...

and this for video tutorial...

Thanks for your time to read this Instructable...

We hope you like it...

If you like it please vote here and comment...

Please read our other ibles also..

Thank you...

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    excellent job on the documentation of this Instructable! Thanks for all the photos with the directions overlaid!

    Mr AbAk
    Mr AbAk

    Reply 8 years ago

    Thanks PeppyPickle!!