Introduction: Paracord Heart Key Fob

Here's how to make a paracord heart for someone for Valentines Day. It is very simple to make . You can purchase all the items needed for the project at most any craft store. The items you will need: -3'10" of 550 paracord color of your choice -swivel clip plastic or metal -6" of a different color paracord of your choice -larger needle -lighter,matches,or someway to burn the paracord

Step 1: Braiding the Paracord

Take the 3'10" price of paracord and fold it in half. Slide the loop threw the swivel clip and loop the ends threw the loop and pull. From the clip measure out 3" and do the fist stitch which is the cobra stitch. Braid until you reach the clip

Step 2: Sealing the Ends

Take a lighter, candle, or match and melt the ends to seal the paracord so it doesn't come undone.

Step 3: Find the Middle

After you have completed the braid and sealed the ends you need to find the middle. To do this just count the side with the even amount of stitches and start counting on the outside and work your way inside once you have found the middle two stitches keep your fingers on them.

Step 4: Putting the Heart Into the Braid

Now that you have the two middle stitches take the large needle and stick it threw the two middle stitches and wiggle the needle around to make a gap wide enough to stick the other 6" price of different color paracord threw the hole on both sides . Then string it threw the bottom of the braid and pull tight.

Step 5: Finish Burning

Once you have completed the heart you need to seal it and then your done. To do that just take the bottom ends cut them and burn them then tuck them under the stitch above it. And now your done so give to a loved one or yourself!!!

Step 6:

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