Introduction: Paracord Helping Hand

In this instructable I'll show you another great use for para-cord. This is my favorite. It is a helping hand. It has a multitude of uses and it will be reusable for a long time. It can be made from scraps that you may already have laying around. The cost is very little. And it is really simple to make and can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. It can be used to keep wires together, to hold a flashlight, you can fashion it into a stand for your phone or tablet or remote controls, as a pony tail holder, make fun animal shapes for your kids.  You can attach alligator clips to the ends for even more uses such as holding small parts for soldering. The uses are endless and are only limited by our imagination. It will look like ordinary paracord but it is stiff and will hold its shape pretty well.

 You will need some para-cord, 10 gauge solid insulated wire, a lighter, and wire cutter. 

Your needs will determine what sizes to use, but for this purpose I will be making a universal helping hand. Meaning it will work for most purposes. I have in my junk box a piece of 10 gauge wire that is 28 inches long. I'll use it as is. One key thing to know is that you need to always cut your para-cord a few inches longer than the wire you'll be using . 

O.k. I have a wire 28 inches long so I'll cut a piece of paracord 32 inches long and remove the inner cords. Then I'll feed the wire inside the outer paracord and smooth it out. Then I will cut off the excess cord leaving about 1/4 inch hanging past the end of the wire. This will be melted to keep it from coming off the wire or unraveling. Once you've melted both ends you are finished.

If you can think of any other good uses for it I'd like to know. Leave a comment please.

THANK YOU for looking and I hope this is helpful to you.

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