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Introduction: Paracord ID Badge Lanyard

For those wanting something a little different then the run of the mill trade-show ID lanyards.
This is a very simple project, matter of fact it was my first paracord project..

Inspired by Stromdrane , TyingItAllTogether and countless other paracord weavers out there.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

To complete this project you will need the following supplies;
1 - Scissors or Knife (to cut the Paracord)
1 - Lighter(torch style) or Wood Burning tool (to melt the cut ends of the Paracord)
1 - 1" (2.54cm) 'Snap Ring' aka Key Ring
1 - 1-1/2" (3.81cm)Lobster Claw swivel (you can use any size clasp, I've found that 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" look the best)
*If you chose to do a single cord lanyard pick which ever works for you. OR you can use 2x of each, what ever makes you happy

5'06"' (1.676m)of Paracord for the main body of the ID Lanyard
8" (20.32cm) of Paracord for the 'comfort strap' bar You can use a longer length if you intend to remove it.
7' (2.1336m)of Paracord for the 'comfort strap' braid, this will yield about a 6-1/2" braid(depending on how tight you tie)

Basic knowledge of knot tying, you will be using the following knots.
Hangman's knot
Cobra Stitch also called a Solomon bar, square knotting, or a Portuguese sinnet.
Double overhand knot or a knot of your choice to secure the keyring/snap

Step 2: Create the Hangman's Knot

Create a hangman's knot.

Step 3: Finish the 'ends'

I chose to have 2 'ends' to my ID lanyard. Yes I carry a lot of crap on my ID lanyard.
The 'knot' end is attached to the 'Snap Ring' aka keyring (this end is optional and could be tucked properly into the wrappings)
The lobster claw end is attached to the 'rope' end (this is the part that  you can pull to adjust  the fit)
The knot you chose to secure the attachments is up to you..

Step 4: Make the 'Comfort Strap'

I know I don't like the feeling of the cord cutting into my neck and I'm sure you  wouldn't either. 
The solution was simple, add a 'comfort strap' or band to the project.
I chose to do this braid in the same color as the rest of the project, however you can do it in any color you want or even bi-color !

Step 5: The Finished Product

Here it is! Both single and double ended.

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    5 years ago

    Cool project! Hey, it looks like there's a different type of braid in the photos... It looks like a chain? It's the back-of-the-neck part of the lanyard in the last photos under the heading 'The finished product'. I keep looking at it to discern if it's just the same thing from a different angle, but it sure looks a lot different. I'd like to make the 'chain' looking braid if it exists! Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It looks really nice, Flahusky. I'd go with the double attachment points, too. :p


    10 years ago on Introduction

    um . . . did you SERIOUSLY put a hangman's noose around your neck as a lanyard without a breakaway?!?!?

    I can see why you want the "comfort strap" to keep the cord from digging in . . . when it strangles you!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I was wondering how soon the breakaway comment/s would come.
    If safety is a concern and you are not permitted to carry common tools(pocket knife/Leatherman) then you may cut the loop which is held secure by the strap. This does add the need for 1 more tool in the crafting process. IF i get enough feed back asking for this step to be included or Instructables asks I will add it..

    I'd like to compare it to the tie some people ware every day to work (White collar Hangman's noose) but this is not the place for that.

    The Expert Noob
    The Expert Noob

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    im actually a fan of the white collar hangman's noose. Its the one I taught in a meeting at work. I prefer my clip-on working in HR and all. people get angry.