Introduction: Paracord Key Extender/lanyard

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this instructable will show you how to extend your key useing paracord/cordage this is my first instructable so please be kind i know there are probably alot of mistakes in the instructable process but please politely correct me..  oh and btw this cost me nothing and it was very easy to make

Step 1: Gather Supplies

1)key you want to extend or make into a lanyard 2)about 4 foot of cordage (doesn't really matter how much cordage you use its up to how long you want it to be) and 3)a clamp or s biner

Step 2: New Step

finish tieing around the key by pu

Step 3: Tie Fancy "Thing" Around Key (Lol)

finish tieing around the key by pulling threw the space between the cordage and the key pull tight in the opposite direction

Step 4: More Pictures of the Fancy "Thing"

it started with a knot to keep the cordage from going threw the keyhole after I tied the fancy "thing" around the key I didn't like the knot so I pulled the cordage back threw and made it even on each side

Step 5: Get Your S Biner or Whatever Your Going to Be Using

take the cordage threw whatever it is your using and pull it to the length you want your key to be then decide witch knot you would like to use I just went with a cobra stitch

Step 6: Tie Your Knots

whatever knot your using should be able to go up the key slightly

Step 7: Tie Your Knots 2

if you want you can bring your knot back down I decided to and it makes the whole thing a bit more sturdy remember you can go as far as you'd like

Step 8: Cut and Burn

cut off the excess cordage and burn the ends now your done and have a nice key extender.....first instructable :)