Introduction: Paracord Keychain

Today I will teach you how to make a keychain with para cord

Step 1: Things Needed

You will need
2 17 inches paracord

Step 2: Fold the Cord

To put the cord on the keychain you have to make a lark head knot .first you fold one piece of cord in half and do the same thing with the other

Step 3: To Put the Cord on the Key Ring

To put the cord on the ring you make s knot.take one piece of cord fold it on the ring and do the same with the other

Step 4: Makeing Cobra Knot

Now you take one of the outside and and fold it under the two in sides and over the other outside,then you take the under and fold it over and trough the loop on other side and repeat this process all the way Down until u can't go anymore

Step 5: Burning the Ends

When you are done burn the ends and do do that cut them kind of short and burn

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