Introduction: DNA Paracord Keychain

Paracord Keychain with the DNA Braid. You will need about 3 feet of Paracord, Key Ring, Scissors, and a Lighter. It's best to use 2 different color pieces of Paracord, to make your Paracord KeyChain. You can melt both ends of the Paracord and squish them together. Already did this Learn how to make a Paracord Bracelet, and more paracord projects.

Step 1: DNA Paracord Bracelet - Step 1

Attach the Paracord to the Key ring like in the Picture below. Make sure both Paracord tails are facing out. Adjust the length of the Paracord to the length of the Keychain.

Step 2: DNA Paracord Bracelet - Step 2

Lay the first piece of paracord across the top, then bring the second one over the top of the first, around the back, and up through the hole of the first, and pull it tight.

Step 3: DNA Paracord Bracelet - Step 3

This time lay the second piece of paracord across (it should be a different color than the braid right above it). Then bring the first piece of Paracord over the top of the second, around the back and up through the hole made by the second piece of Paracord. Then pull it tight.

Step 4: DNA Paracord Bracelet - Step 4

Now back to the first piece of paracord, lay it across the top, bring the second piece of paracord over it, around the back, and up through the hole. and pull it tight.

Step 5: DNA Paracord Bracelet - Step 5

Continue the braid until you get about a inch (or how every long you want the loop). If you have a Paracord needle you can run the ends back into the braid, then cut the tails off and melt with the lighter. Now your ready to use your DNA Paracord Keychain. Get more Paracord Bracelet Patterns, or try these Paracord Projects. See the Viper Paracord Bracelet.