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Introduction: Paracord Keyring

In this instructable I'll show you how to make a cool little key ring accessory which could help you out in the great outdoors.

It's also very cheap to make since all you need is a keyring and paracord!

You don't have to do it in paracord, it looks just as good in other rope :)!

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:

a keyring,

and around 1.5m of paracord cut in half (to reach around 7cm with quite a lot to spare.)

Step 2: Starting Off

This is the trickiest part of making this. You might have to redo it, but if you get lost try and follow the photos.

first off, make a cross with your paracord, (pic 1) the middle of each length should be at the keyring. Then circle one of the paracord cords twice around the keyring and the other length of paracord (see pic 4). Once you've done that take the length of paracord that is parallel to the keyring and fold it over the circled paracord (see pic 5). Then take the cord which has been wrapped around the keyring and fold it over the cord you first folded over (see pic 6/7). then take the opposite side of the length that is parallel to the keyring and fold it over the cord which you just folded over (see pic 8). Then take the last part of paracord and fold it over the first length of paracord then force the paracord under the first paracord length you did (see pic 9).

Then tighten all the sides of you 'square' which you just made.

Step 3: Continuing It

We are going to do the same as we did in step 2, if you think you've got the hang of it, you can skip this step and keep doing what you did in the 2nd part of step 2.

Choose one of the cords and fold it over it's self (pic 1). Then take the one of the sides that is perpendicular to it and fold it over it's self and the cord you did first (pic 2). then take the one perpendicular (to the most recent cord) and put it over it's self and your 2nd paracord. Then take the last untouched cord, and put it over the paracord closest to it and under the far (paracord see pic 3).

Keep doing it again and again till you have reached the height you want.

If your doing it right, you should see a pattern like that in pic4.

Step 4: Finishing

When you've reached the length you want, tighten the top 'square' as tight as you can then cut one of the cords as close as to the keyring dongle as you can. Then burn the end, do this for all the sides.

There you have it! Your very own paracord keyring! If your wondering, you can still undo it, even with the melted ends, but it takes a while to undo it totally.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for sharing this! Might I recommend adding more steps to your Instructable! I'm getting a little confused with which pictures go with your descriptions. The pictures are great! Nice close ups and very clear!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I added some more, hope it helps! if it doesn't please say :)!