Introduction: Paracord Lanyard

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I recently was looking for a lanyard for my keys but I had a bunch of unused paracord in my room so Instead of going out and buying a lanyard I decided to make one. for the record I think the lanyard I made is tentimes better than any lanyard I could have gone out and bought

Step 1: Materials

The "cup"
- 2'' wide 1'' tall section of pvc
- 2 × 1'' nails or screws
- electrical tape
The lanyard
- 10' section of paracord
- a Keychain ring

- a lighter
- a knife/scisors

Step 2: Making the "Cup"

start by taking the section of pvc and placing the screws or nails on either side of the pvc. Now taking the ele trical tape, tape the screws or nails on opposite sides of the pvc, this doesn't have to be perfect but try to make it as close as possible. To add some extra stability to the cup you can add some hot glue under the tape.

Step 3: Starting the Weave

Starting the weave is fairly simple. Start by placing one end of the paracord through the cup with about three inches of cord through the bottom of the cup. Now take the rest of the paracord and wrap it in a figure eight manner around the nails or screws as shown in the picture above.

Step 4: The Weave

Now it is time to make the actual lanyard. To do this take the excess paracord and wrap it once around the screws. Make sure this wrap is above the figure eight wrap on the screws. Now take the first loop of the figure eight and pull it over the cord you just wrapped around the screws, now take the second loop of the figure eight and pull it over the cord you wrapped around the screws. Take the paracord and make another wrap around the screws and repeat the step above until you only have 6 inches left of the cord.

Step 5: Finishing the Lanyard

To Finnish your newly made lanyard just slide the loops off of the screws and follow the picture instructions to add the key ring. As you can see, for looks, I looped the paracord around one end of the lanyard, then cut the excess cord off as melted it with a lighter so it wouldn't fray. If you like this instructable please check out some of my others thanks.
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