Introduction: Paracord Lanyard

For this lanyard a few supplies are needed. Required supplies are paracord (8 feet of each color if you choose to do two) a buckle (the bigger the better) last but not least a keychain clip/ key ring. you will also need a knife/strong scissors and a lighter. NOTE: the nuts are optional for different kind of look.

Step 1: Getting Started

you want to start off by doing a cobra stitch pattern. if you dont know how to do the cobra stitch its just a simple over under pattern. i did this for about 3 1/2 inches.

Step 2: Bottom Portion

the bottom portion is basically the same as the top accept you add in the shackle or keychain clip/ key ring.

Step 3: 2nd Layer of Paracord

for this you just repeat the process of cobra stitching over the first layer.

Step 4: Finished Product.

once you have finished you can put your id and keys on it. just a nother simple project in the books.

Step 5:

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