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And the black one is dead.

Step 1: The Components

I used a multi-tool, 5" of paracord, a zip tie, 1" of gutted paracord, a lighter and, enough solder to fit in the arms *double*.

Step 2: The Monkey's Fist

First find the middle of the cord and make one end longer than the other for the building. Make a "V" out of your fingers and wrap it around your fingers three times. Wrap around the lines three times again. Slide your fingers out once done and wrap thru the two holes three times more. Your monkey's fist will have a lot of slack in it so you will have to tighten it by sliding a little of paracord with the line with more on it. keep making it tighter about three more (The magic three).

Step 3: The Body

Start by making the line about 3" long and start braiding it. You should have access when you are done and that's what you will use for the arms. Singe the ends, then take the pliers and lightly smush it so the paracord becomes unstuck from the inner strands so you can slip the solder in. The reason I chose solder is because you can stick it to the paracord so it will stay.

Step 4: Accessories

I made a knife and a sword with the gutted paracord and a zip tie. First slide the casing from the paracord onto the zip tie and cut off the access. Use the access from the sword to make the knife. loosen the last braid on the back and slide the sword into it so it will stay.

Step 5: Play!!

And the black one is dead.

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    5 years ago

    You said 5 " of cord ? Looks like a lot more . What is the wire for ? You could add a face. Looks cooler that way. Saw some on pinterest for sale by bored paracord. But I like making my own stuff. Thanks.