Introduction: Paracord Slapstraps

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You have a hammock, a couple of shady trees, cold glass of lemonade, what else.   Oh yeah something to hang your hammock with.   That's where awesome paracord comes in.   These paracord slapstraps are very practical, lightweight, small, and less expensive than the Eno Slapstraps. Ok lets get started.

Step 1: Supplies


1. Two lengths of Paracord (I’d suggest anything in between 18’ – 22’ )
2. Scissors
3. Lighter
4. Measuring tape
5. Hammock ( kinda needed)

Step 2: Making the Slapstraps

Ok time to start making the slapstraps.

1st Step:   Cut the desired length of paracord and burn ends.   It will seem long but it will shrink when you tie the knots.

2nd Step:   Take one of the ends of the paracord and tie an overhand loop.   This loop should be about 5” long.

3rd Step:   Move a foot or so down the paracord and tie and overhand loop. This loop should be 2” to 1” long.

4th Step:   Repeat step three until the end of the paracord.

5th Step:   Repeat on other length of paracord.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Hammock

First take one of the two lengths of paracord and wrap it around a tree (or whatever you have).   Then take the end without the loop and pass it the end with the loop.   Next do the other tree.   Then take the hammock and hook it on to one of the series of loops on the paracord.   Then do the other side.   Finally lie down in your hammock and relax under the clear blue sky.

(Notes: Paracord will wear over time due to friction.)

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